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natalie mazzetta hopkins has spent the better part of her life testing her athletic limits. a competitive swimmer from a young age + well into college, natalie is a university record holder at syracuse university who turned to marathon running when her collegiate athletic career came to a close. with a 3:05 marathon pr, life as an athlete largely defines this connecticut native.


natalie is incredibly familiar with that moment when your body + mind say "no. this is it. i'm done". she also knows what it feels like to push through and reach a goal you didn't think was possible. after a traumatic bike accident left natalie brain injured + unable to walk for several months, natalie was determined to return to life as an athlete as she knew it. exactly one year to the date of this accident, with a great deal of determination, physical strength + mental toughness, natalie crossed the finish line of the 2014 boston marathon twelve seconds faster than she had ran it two years prior. 


the desire to help others find value in their health and to be stronger physically, mentally + emotionally led natalie down the path to becoming a wellness coach. it's natalie's intention to push you outside of your comfort zone and have you feeling better, stronger and tougher as a result.