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3 tips | social without sacrifice


adjective: comparative of good and well; of a more excellent or effective quality

he chose the healthier alternative because he knew it would make him feel better

3 tips | social without sacrifice

Natalie Mazzetta

you know what healthy foods look like and you know that exercising is crucial to feeling and looking your best. the challenge in maintaining a healthy body isn’t necessarily in receiving new or more information - often times, it’s understanding how to apply the information we already know in a way that works for our own personal lifestyle.

below are 3 easy tips to being social without sacrificing being healthy.

  1. pick + choose. if you’re going on vacation or you have a full week of drinks and dinner on your social calendar, pick + choose where you want to splurge and where you want to save. think of your body the same way you do your checking account. dinner with a friend you haven’t seen in a while? maybe you ‘splurge’ on chips + guac and a margarita. work dinner on a tuesday? you can ‘save’ by ordering lean protein + greens w. a soda water so you wake up wednesday morning ready to keep crushing the work week.
  2. fuel your body just because you’re hungry now but have dinner plans later - doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat when you’re hungry. often times, we end up over-eating  because we’re so hungry waiting for when we know our next meal is. listen to your body and fuel it the same way you would under any other circumstance: when it needs food. when it comes to drinking: stay hydrated. alternate one glass of water w. one alcoholic drink. you won’t be lame and it won’t sober you up - but it will save you from drunk munching + a massive headache the next morning. worth it.
  3. balance your body does not discriminate how and when certain things are consumed and going on vacation isn’t a free pass to go HAM on all the foods and drinks you wouldn’t ordinarily consume on a daily basis. if you want to consume whatever you want while you take a break from the real world - there is nothing wrong with your choice; but own it and be open to working a little harder to get back on track when you return back to your routine. a healthy life is all about balance + balance looks and feels different for everybody at different times and in different situations.