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lady lovin

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lady lovin

Natalie Mazzetta

who: hosted by lo bosworth and her two best friends, jilly hendrix + greta titelman. 

what: this podcast is downright hilarious and fun to listen to. each week they have a guest on the show and the topic generally revolves around said guest (i.e the topic of entrepreneurship featuring the creator of birchbox as a guest on the show). 

when/where: the women all live in nyc + discuss their lives there in detail, so if you're an east coaster or just familiar with the city, the relatability with this makes listening extra fun.

why: this podcast is fun to listen to! they talk about sex, relationships and all the other things you would talk about with your best friends + the topics are always light and set up for easy listening. while it's definitely geared toward a female audience, the male guests had on the show + the outrageous stories told by greta would make it hard for most to keep a straight face.