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TED radio hour

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TED radio hour

Natalie Mazzetta

who: while hosted by Guy Raz, the primary voice(s) in this podcast are the multitude of people who take the 'TED stage' and bring stories and thought provoking content to the show relevant to the episode's theme. 

what: TED stands for technology, entertainment + design and each new episode is focused on a theme from one of these umbrella topics. the speakers featured on this show are generally BFD's  (think...Sting and Sheryl Sandberg) and have a lot of incredible insight and thought provoking content to get you thinking and become inspired.

where: TED radio hour was created as a co-production from NPR. the content comes in from all over the country.

why: this podcast is inspiring + thought provoking. without a doubt if you're looking to learn something new, or think about and approach a new topic with a fresh new perspective - this is the podcast to plug into.