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Natalie Mazzetta

boston has been both my home and my community for over 5 years + with all the bittersweet feelings, i'm moving out of this beautiful city at the end of november. 

i'm undoubtedly sad to be moving away from my friends, my family + the amazing fitness community in boston, but also could not be more excited to be starting a whole new journey with my soon to be husband and setting up camp somewhere brand new to both of us.

so much lies ahead with this move that i can't plan for + as someone who has been a "planner" for as long as i can remember, it's been a challenge to my ability to be present, enjoy the ride + relinquish control. 


q. where are you moving?

a. all over the place for a bit! i'll be in connecticut and virginia over the next several months + then eventually to southern california

q. are you going to keep teaching?

a. definitely! if you know of a studio that you think i would be a great fit for, please let me know! 

q. what's going to happen with BST?

a. so. many. things. i haven't been more excited for the direction of BST than i am now. although i'm leaving boston, it's my goal to make BST accessible and relatable no matter your geography. there are a few few exciting projects and content planned that i can't wait to share with you! keep your eyes peeled!

q. are you ever coming back?

a. i hope so! though i've been fair warned that the charm of southern california will suck me in for good, my heart is in new england and even if it's a while before i'm back living in here, i will definitely be visiting often.


nothing could make me happier than leaving boston with as much love as it welcomed me with and i'd love to fill my remaining boston classes with all these good vibes one last time! peep my updated november schedule here + keep an eye out for what's to come in december! 

xx, nat