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Natalie Mazzetta

Q. what is 'better stronger tougher'?

A.better stronger tougher is a brand, a website, and a state of mind. it brings the concepts of using personal responsibility and accountability together to drive you towards your best self. when you are living a life in a body that you take ownership and pride in, i believe you are more empowered to take ownership and pride in all areas of your life.

this website is an opportunity, as a fitness professional, to connect with, inspire and motivate my students and my community beyond what i’m able to accomplish in a 45-minute group fitness class.

in short, better stronger tougher is living your life maximized and fulfilled.

Q. what made you want to start this?

A. once i transitioned to a career as a fitness professional, i realized there was a gap that existed for me between teaching a class and connecting with my students. my intention in starting this brand is to change and empower a community beginning with the most important resource we have: our health.

i truly believe the power, perseverance and fearlessness that goes into pushing yourself in a fitness related venture, whether it’s a 45 minute spin class, a 26.2 mile running race, or taking a class you haven’t tried before, is something that can translate into positive action in the other areas of your life.

better stronger tougher helps promote me as a fitness professional and also helps me stay in touch with my students and community outside of the studio.

Q. why the name? does it mean anything? what about the logo?

A. the name ‘better stronger tougher’ came from my indoor cycling classes; i found myself repeating those three words the most as motivation during the difficult parts of rides i was leading. the name is about becoming  -- some days, your focus is on simply being better than the day before. some days, you may really be pushing to increase your strength. and some days, you’re slogging it out and persevering to becoming tougher. better stronger tougher isn’t limited to fitness, it’s a way to approach all aspects of your life.

since improving your body and mind is a constant, continuous practice, i chose an ancient runes symbol that represents longevity for the logo.

Q. is BST your full time job?

A. yes! i am a ‘full-time’ fitness professional. meaning that I bring home the bacon (literally) by teaching a full schedule of fitness classes and training private clients each week.

Q. are you a certified fitness instructor? are you a nutritionist?

A. i’m a certified fitness instructor in indoor cycling, indoor rowing, mat pilates & lagree fitness.

i am not a nutritionist. all content relating to food and nutrition is entirely of my own opinion and is based upon personal experience and discovery. if you are seeking expert nutritional advice, i recommend reaching out to your doctor or visiting the nutrition blog network to find a source written by a registered dietician.

Q. what is different about BST than other fitness and lifestyle blogs?

A. the biggest difference is that i don’t call this a blog, and i’m not referring to myself as a blogger. i had a blog back in 2012,  where I blogged extensively about my life in glorious detail… i’m both cringing and laughing at myself in it's memory.

my intention in starting ‘better stronger tougher’ is to use this website and the various social media platforms as an extension of what i aim for all my students to take from my classes. while i’m launching this project solo - a long term goal is to have other contributors on the site sharing information. the section of the site you’re in right now (the better stronger tougher ‘journal’) is where you’ll find blog-style content.

Q. where can i take your classes?

A. you can ride with me at b/spoke indoor cycling studios in downtown boston and in falmouth on cape cod. i lead lagree fitness and indoor rowing classes at btone studios - i regularly teach at the back bay and sudbury locations, but i also sub in at the lexington and wellesley locations. BST:the workout, my signature pilates and strength training fusion class is on an ‘event’ only basis. i keep the calendar on this site updated and i also use twitter as a means to communicate any last minute schedule changes or updates.

Q. how will you define success with BST?

A. as a fitness instructor, my greatest measure of success is in how you’re feeling during the class and after it, seeing you push yourself, get uncomfortable, and make the choice to improve your physical and mental state in that moment. the classes i lead are intended to get you to that best version of yourself - but ultimately, you’re the only one that can put in the work.

my greatest measure of success with better stronger tougher does not look much different. if something i share with you in some way motivates or pushes you to live a happier or healthier life, then i’ve succeeded in my goal.