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meet BST bride, mindy


meet BST bride, mindy

Natalie Mazzetta

a social media maven living in nyc + the very first BST BRIDE, meet this laid back beauty, find out what planning has been like thus far and what tool she would find most helpful in getting ready to walk down the aisle.



when + where is your wedding: july in cincinnati, ohio

what are you most excited about: having all of our friends and family from different parts of our lives in one place, at one time. it's going to be a truly incredible feeling.


what's been the biggest challenge? planning from afar for sure. living in nyc + planning a wedding in cincinnati has not been the easiest thing in the world of wedding planning. 

what's been the biggest stressor? hosting a 'destination wedding' in a location that doesn't feel like a true 'destination' (sorry friends, i wish we were all going to mexico) + being mindful of the financial inconveniences that come with a wedding our guests need to travel for.


what would be the most useful tool to you in helping prep for your big day? a fitness + nutrition plan for sure. i think the hardest thing is holding yourself accountable and staying on track over the course of several months.

what do you need most out of a personalized plan? understanding time frames around things is difficult. right now i have thoughts like, "when do i need to start seriously dieting? do i even need to seriously start dieting?" and "how long will it take me to get toned a toned back and arms so that i feel and look good in my dress? and, how do i even go about doing that?!". i think someone checking in on me regularly would keep me on track and trying new methods i may not have thought of.