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the best bridal resource ever.


the best bridal resource ever.

Natalie Mazzetta

you're in the throes of wedding planning and the most challenging of it hasn't had anything to do with the color of your table linens or the style of dress that will best flatter your bridal party. nope, the real stressors of planning your wedding have been a little more complicated.

enter: a practical wedding

A Practical Wedding stands apart from other website resources in it's voice of reason. APW is the anti-wedding industry wedding planning website and offers sound, logical + relevant advice and information...about everything. It's the stress reliever of all things wedding in it's ability to keep the entire event in perspective and share tips + advice on how to handle the most challenging of situations.

a few examples of why APW will be your right hand (wo)man throughout planning:

budget woes: APW is the most real resource out there when it comes to wedding budgets. APW highlights different actual weddings, sharing the really real details of how the couple pulled it off, what they did and did not have, what went over well and what (in hindsight) wasn't the best idea.

family stress: APW offers the most real, unbiased and authentic advice out there. when the biggest wedding planning problems you're facing start with "what to do when..." and "how to decide..." or "how to tell my __ that...", you'll be a whole lot less stressed after finding APW's advice section.

how to: have no idea where to begin when it comes to writing your vows? stared at your officiant like a dear in headlights when he asked you questions about the order of your wedding ceremony? APW has your back. you'll find everything from how to make a flower crown to how to write a Maid of Honor speech that will blow your bride bestie away.