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BST x BRIDE: q + a


BST x BRIDE: q + a

Natalie Mazzetta

q. what is BST x BRIDE? 

a. BST x BRIDE is your source as a bride {and bridesmaid} in helping you get wedding ready - beyond the physical wedding planning. BST x BRIDE exists to offer you advice on how to keep a sound mind, guidance around fitness training, plus tips and tricks on how to replace foods and habits that aren't serving you.

q. who is a BST bride?

a. a BST bride is the badass babe who has chosen to make it a priority to be a better, stronger, tougher version of herself throughout the wedding planning process and leading into the day that she says, 'i do'. she's committed and puts work into her personal fitness and wellness. she breathes deeply, and with a sound mind keeps everything in perspective through even the most stressful of moments. 

q. how can i be a BST bride?

a. prioritize your health and well-being throughout your wedding planning process. whether you're visiting BSTxBRIDE to receive tips and motivation, or you're following a custom wedding ready plan, you're a BST bride - and we want to know where you're at and what you're up to! #bstbride on instagram, facebook + twitter so we can send you a little extra love!

q. i'd love to receive my own fitness, nutrition + wellness wedding ready plan - where do i start?

a. you + natalie will meet to discuss your wedding day goals and your existing lifestyle habits to together come up with a set of commitments from you, for you, to propel you towards your wedding day goals. at the end of each month, you'll re-asses your commitments, making changes in accordance to your lifestyle and the countdown towards your wedding date. natalie's job is to consistently support you, hold you accountable + offer the best and most relevant tools and information for you

if you're interested in connecting with natalie to co-create and receive a customized wedding ready plan, please email