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mindy x wedding ready update


mindy x wedding ready update

Natalie Mazzetta

with mindy's wedding a little less than 3 months away, we recently caught up on what the last two months had been like and what her new goals and commitments look like at less than 100 days until she says, "i do". 

with her soon approaching wedding date, mindy's goals and commitments are a bit more specific today than they were at 5 months. in addition to regularly communicating via text and gchat (i once pulled over my car to reply to her question on fueling before or after a morning workout), mindy and i have been using the comments feature on our shared google doc to discuss specifics in her plan. 


mindy has been absolutely killing the fitness game with a weekly rotation of barry's bootcamp and SLT classes in addition to private training with a boxing trainer. in an effort to make sure that she maintains versus loses weight, we talked about focusing less on cardio, more on strength training and adding in frequent protein filled snacks to ensure that she looks healthy and toned now and into July. 

this three month mark and the welcome of warmer weather is also where mindy + i discussed the importance of drinking water much and often. with my wedding also approaching in july and i too looking to amp up my water intake, i suggested that mindy and i hold each other accountable to our goal via snapchat check-ins.