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meet BST wife, mindy


meet BST wife, mindy

Natalie Mazzetta

having the opportunity to pilot this project with BST bride mindy was a true honor. mindy is one of those inspiring people who sets a goal and then sees it through 100%. from the first time we talked and she declared her fitness and wellness goals for her wedding day, she put. in. the. work. mindy was glowing throughout her entire wedding weekend and her wedding day was the most beautiful (and seriously fun) celebration of her & kyle's love. 

just before she departed for her honeymoon, i caught up with this newlywed on what she loved most about her wedding day and what she found to be most valuable in prepping for her big day. 

mazel tov to you, mindy & kyle.



what was something that you included in your wedding that you loved?: kyle and i had a very traditional wedding that included traditional Jewish ceremonies before the main ceremony (Ketubah Signing, Tish, Bedeken), and then a traditional hora at the beginning of our reception. however, we took the hora to the next level and let our friends throw us up in a sheet and lift us onto a table. these are things that are often done at weddings in Israel, so it was such a blast to incorporate that into our reception and show our friends just how big the party was going to get!

what was your favorite moment from the day?: kyle and i decided to say a few words to thank all the people that had come to be a part of our special day. i took a brief moment right before our remarks to look around and take in what was happening. as i looked around the tent, i saw all our favorite people in the entire world in one room. and not just any room, it was the room i had poured so much time and energy into (ALL the details i had envisioned!). it truly was such a special moment and i’m so glad i took the chance to pause and take it all in.


what surprised you the most about wedding planning?: how much fun it was! i had heard planning horror stories, and other people mention how stressful their experience was. i experienced a little bit of that in the beginning, but otherwise it was such a fun and exciting process. our engagement was 16 months, which left a lot of time to get things done early and help cut down on the stress level. overall, it was blast and I never thought i would have the planning withdrawal i’m feeling now!

looking back, what is one piece of advice you would give yourself about the wedding planning process?: "don’t negate the rain plan". throughout the entire process, i was convinced it would never rain on my wedding day. therefore, we put little planning into what would be different that day if it did rain. and well, it did! a little bit of extra stress and chaos on the day of, but in the end it all worked out perfectly. i just wish we had been slightly more prepared.


what health and wellness related change did you make that had the best impact on you in the months leading up to your big day?: it was definitely a combination of increased fitness (boxing, lagree fitness, HIIT classes) and cutting down on some of the junk foods and desserts. working out more definitely made me more hungry, so increasing my protein intake was key. quest bars, protein shakes and almond butter were a few of my favorite go-to's.

what was your biggest lifestyle takeaway from your custom wedding-ready plan?: motivation to alter my diet has always been tricky for me. finding the right foods to eat that make me feel healthy and satisfied had never been something i focused on. natalie and i talked a lot about different foods i could be eating (or foods i may want to cut out) to help me feel strong and clean. one of my favorite of her tips: snack on pistachios. i’m now obsessed.


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