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your comfort zone.


your comfort zone.

Natalie Mazzetta

pushing past what feels comfortable, familiar and safe is where we evolve. in our work - it's going after what we want and having that uncomfortable conversation with our boss to ask for a raise. or it’s quitting our stable job in one career to move forward on an entirely different path. in our relationships, it’s putting everything on the table and telling someone how we feel, without fear of the outcome. in our lives - it's trying something new without cluttering our minds with “what if's".

of course, all of this is so much easier said than done, and it’s not always black and white. at times, being in our comfort zone looks like staying put and working through the rough stuff. when the easy way out is quitting, re-locating or moving on to something new, that’s not exactly pushing outside of our comfort zone either.

the process of pushing out of our comfort zone is exactly that: a process. you have all the tools within your strong mind + strong body to be your own coach and advocate in getting yourself there. sometimes this looks like not thinking, and just jumping. other times, it’s a more calculated assessment and asking yourself if what you’re choosing to do is moving you in a forward direction or if it is holding you still in complacency.

trust the process, be patient with yourself and stay the course. no matter how uncomfortable it feels, anything that's worth having is waiting for you outside of your comfort zone.

you’ve got this.