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self leadership: your actions


self leadership: your actions

Natalie Mazzetta

every single action that you take has a reaction + even further, every single action can push you further towards or further away from your goals. it is both an exciting and overwhelming acknowledgement that each day we’re granted with endless opportunity to take actions that can change and better our lives. there’s a reason that we explored the power of our thoughts before exploring our actions. your thoughts play a crucial role in the completion of your actions. some actions are best completed with little thought [fearless action is often what gets us outside of our comfort zone]. other times, careful consideration is paramount to reaching success and accomplishing a desired outcome.

are your actions in line with what you want? are they aligned with the person you want to be? you are fully responsible for all of your actions, even on the smallest scale. with this accountability, take your actions and choose to have them make a difference.