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self leadership: your choices


self leadership: your choices

Natalie Mazzetta

choices exist for us everywhere. some are obvious and decidedly more important to our overall well being. others, the ones that are less obvious as a distinctive choice, are the ones that can play the biggest role in how we choose to lead ourselves.

we'll explore an example: you’re frustrated with your boss, your client or even yourself. there is not an expectation to always control your feelings, it’s healthy and human to feel a wide array of emotions, but know that your action or reaction in a moment of frustration is your choice. you can feel frustration and you can choose how you want it to effect you and you can choose how you want to have an affect on the existing situation.

entertain the idea that every single thought, action and reaction that you have is a choice. when something doesn’t go according to plan or someone acts differently than how you wanted them to, how you react and what you do in that instance is decided by you. it is a powerful and pivotal recognition that with each new choice, you have the opportunity to do things differently than you might have in the past and that you are paving the way for an outcome in your future.