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self leadership: your thoughts


self leadership: your thoughts

Natalie Mazzetta

self leadership is the foundation for everything that you do, think and say. it is best identified by three main ideas: your thoughts, your actions + your choices. we'll explore these three different means of self leadership in a 3 post series. at the close of this series, you'll have a deeper understanding of how self leadership plays the largest role in leading you to making a lifestyle change.

your thoughts: how do you talk to yourself? how do you talk about others in your mind? as human beings, we constantly are processing, thinking, judging. in order to better your self talk -- to you and to others -- practice kindness, compassion and patience. of course it's easier said than done, but improving your self talk is a conscious decision. when you’re faced with the opportunity to do something that scares you, something you could fail at, do your thoughts talk you out of jumping? or do you encourage, support, and push you? when you see someone sitting across from you on the T talking loudly about a lifestyle you can't relate to or wearing something different, are your thoughts kind?
the voice in your head is powerful and real. pushing yourself isn't just physical, it's mental. be bigger and better, starting with how you talk to yourself and think about others.