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the 40% rule.


the 40% rule.

Natalie Mazzetta

scrolling through my facebook newsfeed, i stumbled upon a re-posted article about a navy seal's best advice for overcoming mental barriers. i wasn't fully prepared for the profound implications of this article

"when your mind is telling you you're done, you're really only 40% done" 

the article and accompanying video sites the example of running a marathon to best illustrate this point.

"most people hit the wall in a marathon at anywhere from mile 16 to 20 - and 99 percent of the people in this country that run marathons finish them. they all hit the wall, so where does that extra 60 percent come from? it’s their brain saying, "i’m done; i don’t want to continue," but their will saying, "you know what? let me get to the finish line." we all have that will. "

the end of the article briefly touches on the application of this 40% rule to the things in our lives beyond the realm of physical fitness. what would it look like to apply this rule to our relationships? our goals?

when your brain is telling you that you're done - what would it look like to keep pushing? to keep trying at a relationship that feels too hard, to stay at your job even though you're fed up and you want to leave, to set the bar to your goals even higher; once you've hit your initial target. imagine what your life would look like if when you thought you we're done - you were only 40% of the way there.