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Natalie Mazzetta

q. what is a row class with natalie like?

a. both competitive and music driven, row is a high energy class that taps into your inner athlete. the workout is completed both on and off the water rower & is broken up into intervals that focus on form, racing & strength training. throughout the class, you're coached on your form and stroke efficiency so that you maximize your results from your workout. the class is intense, but natalie's focus is on keeping you motivated and encouraged through it all. 

q. what do i need to know?

a. legs - core - arms. if there's one thing you keep in mind throughout your workout, it's that the movement on the water rower focuses on using these three areas of the body to complete an efficient stroke. there's a common misconception that rowing is an upper body exercise - but 60% of the work in completing a stroke is in the push from your legs. (the remaining 40% is split equally between your core + your arms).

there is a small screen on your machine that gives you information about your workout + tells you about the efficiency of your stroke. this is a tool and is helpful in completing aspects of your workout - but the bigger focus is on maintaining efficient form and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone with each stroke.

q. how will it make me feel?

a. like the athlete that you are. this workout is competitive - several times throughout the class, you will race against yourself and also against other athletes in the class. you will walk out of the studio with both a feeling of exhaustion and accomplishment.