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early bird catches the worm.


early bird catches the worm.

Natalie Mazzetta

waking up + working out before the sun is up.

it's early, it's cold & when you get out of bed, it feels like the rest of the world is still sleeping.

so, why do it?

1  the very first thing you are doing with your day is entirely for you. you've made the choice to make yourself healthier physically, mentally + emotionally before you do anything else in your day.

2  you're more likely to make healthier decisions throughout your day. when you make the choice to start your day on a healthy note, you're more likely to continue that trend as opposed to going through your entire day with the excuse that you can "burn off" any unhealthy decisions later on.  

3  the most successful people in the world also make it a priority to workout first thing the morning - every morning. it's never too late to be one of these people. don't believe me?

4  if you have big goals, working out bright + early is your secret weapon. by starting your day earlier and conquering your workout before all your other daily priorities, you're staying on track to reach your goals without distraction. ++ you might even have the extra time & energy at the end of your day to conquer a second workout! hello, badass!

5  you have your whole evening ahead of you. if fun plans come up or you've had one of those days where you really just need your couch, sweatpants & a glass of wine -- you don't have to make that guilt inducing decision of choosing between working out or not. you've already worked out; do what you want!