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bst: the workout


bst: the workout

Natalie Mazzetta

q. what is bst: the workout?

a. inspired by the momentum and high energy of indoor cycling, BST: the workout is a fusion of strength training, pilates and barre set to the beat of the music. BST: the workout focuses on training three specific muscle groups [legs, core, arms] working each group to the point of fatigue for a song's entire duration. 

q. what do i need to know?

a. with little to no equipment needed, this is a low-impact workout that can be done from virtually anywhere. movements, exercise combinations and changes are completed to the beat of the music (similar to natalie's indoor cycling classes) and whole muscle groups are worked through specific song sets. think, squat variations, squat holds and pulses set to the beat of the music for one full song - followed by classic pilates ab exercises set to the beat for the next full song. 

q. how will it make me feel?

a. strong, excited and energized. because bst: the workout is set to music, this technique keeps you motivated and engaged while the time passes quickly. similar to natalie's indoor cycling classes, natalie counts you down to exercise changes in the moment and tells you what you have coming up throughout the class so that you always know what's coming your way and how close you are to the end. 

peep this 15 second peak at what a bst: the workout class is like