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Natalie Mazzetta

q. what is a lagree fitness class with natalie like?

a. completed on the megaformer machine (a somewhat cousin to the Pilates reformer) lagree fitness is a low impact, high intensity way to completely change your body. with strategic transitions between exercises and music intentionally set to energize and guide you though, natalie carefully structures each of her classes to target areas of the body difficult to otherwise sculpt and define. natalie's classes are well thought out + have been taken by her beforehand so she knows exactly where you need the extra bit of motivation or specific cues to keep you engaged and support you through the workout. 

q. what do i need to know?

a. while the machine may look intimidating, one of natalie's biggest priorities is setting you up for success + ensuring that you are completing each exercise correctly. upon attending the studio for your first class, natalie will walk you through the machine and explain everything you need to know, while also paying you special attention and giving any cues or adjustments necessary.

know that almost everyone has felt uncoordinated and confused in their first class or two - it typically takes about 5-10 classes to feel comfortable with how the machine moves and to know specific exercises by name. 

because the workout's intensity is guided by the difficulty of resistance [weighted springs move the machine more easily or with more difficulty] and body weight, all exercises are most effective when done with slow, smooth control. if an exercise feels 'easy' at any point - you can increase the difficulty by simply slowing down your movement or adjusting your body position. 

q. how will it make me feel?

a. challenged! this workout is unlike any other one out there, so people of all different fitness levels and backgrounds feel the difficulty of this workout. because the workout focuses on toning smaller muscles, and strengthening our bigger ones using exercises we're not used to completing - you will likely feel sore [the good kind!] the next day.