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Natalie Mazzetta

q. what is a ride with natalie like?

a. set to high energy + endorphin boosting music, you ride to the beat as a collective group with your fellow riders. choreography is cued in to target your upper body and abdominal muscles and add an element of fun. towards the end of class, your legs get some active recovery and you work your arms with small hand weights or natalie will guide you through her signature upper body workout using a small hand towel.

q. what do i need to know?

a. a few things:

  1. there are 3 main body positions on the bike: saddle (sitting), 2nd (standing), 3rd (arms extended out, hips back hovering over the saddle). in natalie's classes, you will spend the majority out of the class in 3rd position. 
  2. keep your core engaged. especially when you're catching a fast beat in third. this takes some of the weight out of your lower body and makes your abs stronger as a result. it's a win-win.
  3. your ride is yours. listen to your body + don't do anything that doesn't feel right. 

q. how will it make me feel?

a. empowered, strong, cleansed. the music and energy in the room will have you forgetting about anything that was holding you back or pulling you down before you entered class. when you leave, you feel like a stronger, more badass version of the person you walked in as.